Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mom's Anything Goes Soup

I made this the other day and the kids requested I put it on the 'Really Yummy List' (usually, it's simply, the 'yummy list') so I thought I'd toss it up here while I'm writing it up anyway.  It's really very simple and versitile.

Mom's Anything Goes Soup

--Canned chicken (or fresh - I had expiring canned that needed to be used)
--Noodles (any kind, shape... I always use whole wheat; could also replace this with rice)
--Chicken stock (however much you want really...)
--Any veggies you have on hand (I had celery, potatoes, zucchini, and some frozen spinich.  I would have put in carrots if I had some.)
--I probably added whatever seasonings striked my fancy... definitely pepper.

That's it... cook until everything's tender.  The kids ate. it. up...  Loved it.  Tons of vegetables - can't beat that!  


I'm sure you've all done this before, but since I kind of made it up and the kids liked it soo much and there were soo many veggies in it, I snapped a picture so I could remember and make it again sometime.  Happy (healthy!) eating!
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